Gwen & Bert

I never really knew my grandad, but there are many wonderful stories about him.

He met Gwennie at a dance, he used to tell her fantastic stories about what he did for a living and so she never believed a word he said. It was only when she was on the hill in Winchester, she saw Bert leading a large group of children up towards the church. His cover was blown – he was a school teacher.

They married and he remained by Gwen’s side until his death in the early eighties. She had his picture by her side with her rosary beads until she died, in their home, in November 2008.

When our family cleared out their house, I couldn’t bear for their homemade sign, nailed to the shed, to be later binned by the new owners. I still have the sign “Gwen & Bert” but I don’t know what to do with it.

Their love was so strong.