Sudden Death

Like so many people I have significant moments and memories both bad and good. Many haunt, many bless my mind.

One that i won’t forget is the death of my Godfather, Phil Bowman, completely unexpectedly and tragically from a heart attack. He was in good health.

The death of my Grandmother, Betty Savage, at 95 she was an entertaining (and sometimes mischievious) character.

My Mother is inspirationalto me with her empathy and writing ability. She wrote a beautiful poem for my Godfather and a speech for my Grandmother.

My friends are a constant source of positivity – friendship is one of the best things we have.

This play/dramatised documentary (Frankland & Sons) has given me much thought/ inspiration and original reflection – on a very significant part of anyone’s life who is fortunate enough to witness it ! An absolute joy to watch. All the best, good luck and keep up the good work! You are both true talents!

Joe Zlotowitz, 23 (a student striving to learn and live life).