Unknown Siblings

When my dad was told he had a terminal brain tumor, he told my sister, mother and me that he wished to be buried with his brother and sister. I only knew about them from when I was 15 and dad told me of these two younger siblings who died aged less than 1 year because they were rhesus babies. They were called Christopher and Mary. It was my job to find them as we had no idea where they were buried except they were in Cardiff. After a search, I found them in Western Cemetery in East Cardiff in a common pauper grave with five other people we had never heard of. It was unmarked and so dad had no way of joining them as we’d have to get written permission from the relatives of all the others in the grave. In the end we went for a plot one across from them so we would be as near as possible and placed a wooden cross to mark their burial.

To this day I don’t know why my Grandma – a devout Methodist – allowed her two children to be buried in an unmarked grave and forgotten.

Gwen & Mark


Gwen and Mark possibly meet – Gwen’s sister invites Mark to a barbeque, “to set him up with my sister”.

It fails.



Gwen and Mark decide they do like each other.



Gwen and Mark finally find a wedding venue.