Aunt Evelyn

I wondered as a small boy why I didn’t see my aunt Evelyn. It later emerged she had been placed in a mental institution because she had an illegitimate child (c. 1932) and suffered from bi-polar (then called manic depression) and was an alcoholic.
The worst aspect of the tragedy was that she stayed in the hospital until she died in 1980.

Buckland in the Moor

Significant Memories from Brentor

In 1973, Harry saw the QE1 sail by his balcony.

In 1974, Glenys met her future husband at a school disco.

In 1960, Nicola ran away from school with her twin brother (age 5) – they did not like school dinners.

In 1978, Joe was with his grandmother when she died of euthanasia.

In 1978, Frank shaved his beard off, only to let it grow until the present day.

In 1980, Brian became allergic to rat fur and had to re-home his pet rat ‘Monty’.

In 1984, Sue emigrated to the UK from Chicago with 7 suitcases full.