Search for acknowledgement…

In 1968 I realised that my uncle was actually my father (“uncle” was a friendly family term). I cherished odd moments I had with him which were ‘blue moon’ moments.

In 2010 I happened to come across information relating to my father (he died in 1988) – that he had 6 children, two more than I had been told. I met them that same year, felt a connection with them – upset his two daughters, one of which was 9 months older than me. Sadly I have not seen them again to date.

I still search for my father’s acknowledgement of my presence.

Significant Memories from Child Okeford

1944 coming home from Cheshire to find soot everywhere, pictures crooked and cracks in the walls after a doodlebug landed nearby in North London.

Adam – my first kiss with Melanie Smith, 1962

Dec 20th 1968, the birth of our son. Delivered by my father in the presence of my husband. Wendy.