Frankland & Sons on the road again!

Dad and I are really excited to be taking this show out again for a special tour, three years after our first in the SW of England. We’ll be performing in Reading at the marvellous South Street Arts and then heading to Aberdeenshire (by way of the West Coast of Scotland) for three dates on the rural circuit there, supported by @NEATShows.

It’s going to be an exciting trip – something we have wanted to do together since we conceived the show and we’ll be travelling this time with my little sister, Kellan, as show operator and also my 3 year old son Jowan, as mascot!

So it will be three generations on the road.

Hope to see you there!


End of the road..

bike shed

We have reached the end of our touring for 2012 and have been met with really warm welcomes across the southwest at the village halls and theatres we have visited.

We ended up at the Bike Shed in Exeter on Sunday, which is an absolute gem of a theatre and was a lovely end to the tour.

We’ll be back on the road again in 2013 – dates are beginning to arrive and more will be posted when we have them – hope to see you somewhere soon!

Aunt Evelyn

I wondered as a small boy why I didn’t see my aunt Evelyn. It later emerged she had been placed in a mental institution because she had an illegitimate child (c. 1932) and suffered from bi-polar (then called manic depression) and was an alcoholic.
The worst aspect of the tragedy was that she stayed in the hospital until she died in 1980.

Buckland in the Moor

Significant Memories from Gittisham

In 1994 I went to Romania to sing in the first Handel’s Messiah for 40 years (Ceaucscescu had forbidden it). It changed my life. Jan

1977 in Australia, in hospital for 9 weeks and the favourite person in my life died, and is sadly missed today. Carol

Barbara. 1960. My best friend said “you are the most boring person I know. Get out of your rut!”

Significant Memories from Brentor

In 1973, Harry saw the QE1 sail by his balcony.

In 1974, Glenys met her future husband at a school disco.

In 1960, Nicola ran away from school with her twin brother (age 5) – they did not like school dinners.

In 1978, Joe was with his grandmother when she died of euthanasia.

In 1978, Frank shaved his beard off, only to let it grow until the present day.

In 1980, Brian became allergic to rat fur and had to re-home his pet rat ‘Monty’.

In 1984, Sue emigrated to the UK from Chicago with 7 suitcases full.

Significant Memories from Clayhidon

In 1951, Sal fell out of the car and her brother Bill was given an ice cream – she was not!

In 1935, Patrick saw Queen Mary arriving for lunch at Forman Castle.

In 1956, Julie stood in the cow shed in her new red duffle-coat.

In 1964, Nic nearly drowned after falling in a pool (but then learnt to swim).

In 1976, Kath’s youngest daughter was born – her two older children thought the hospital sweetshop was more interesting.

In 1961, Judith’s mother was killed in a road accident.

In 1973, Caroline had her first job, in a bank, trying hard to balance the till.

Significant memories from Stoke Climsland

In 1990 Peter met a wonderful girl on his mountain bike.

In 1947 Brigitte was talking in the dormitory and had to go and sleep on the stairs.

In 2004, when Louis was three, his brother knocked him down the stairs.

In 1942 Raymond’s house was bombed.

Also in 1942, Gwen looked out of the air raid shelter in her garden in Plymouth and saw that their garden shed had been hit and was on fire. She was 4 years old.

In 1995 Barbara was in a dugout canoe in Canaima going to Angel Falls. There were rapids and she thought, “well, I have had a good life”!